Storying Digital Change Work

This site serves as a roadmap and collection of inspirational stories for educators looking to expand the impact and reach of their efforts in online, blended, and digital learning through our framework for storying digital learning change work. We invite you to engage with our framework in the following ways listed below:

Review Our Digital Storytelling Framework

The OLC Framework for Storying Digital Learning Change Work provides users the ability to contextualize strategic initiatives and collaborative action within both metaphorical and literal framings of each of the SDGs.

Explore the Collection of Stories

Our database of stories offers examples of each sustainable development goal situated within a specific digital learning challenge and paired with an opportunity to advance the SDG through leadership and collaboration.

Share Your Story of Digital Change Work

Our interactive version of the OLC Framework for Storying Digital Learning Change Work allows you to share your own story (completed, in progress, or even as a proposed effort) with this community to inspire digital learning change work.